Dean Assistant for Scientific Affairs

Name:  Rafa Abbas Hassan Albaldawi        

Contacts:  +964- 7901351696   - 7728609790

Email :

    Residency: Iraq/Baghdad/Gazalyia

    Position: Deputy Dean for Scientific Affairs                              

Scientific Position: Asst. Prof.





Ph.D in Mechanical Engineering, Wales – UK , 1990

M.Sc in Mechanical Engineering, Wales – UK , 1988

B.Sc in Mechanical Engineering, Baghdad Univ. –, 1985


Language:English (Read & write),        

Date of Birth:          Feb. 02/1962




Duties and responsibilities: (1992-2011)



1- Head of Hydraulic control system Division (Ministry of housing and Rehabilitation)

  • Design of  Hydraulic system of Graphite Production company
  • Design and supervision on the installation of hydraulic system  of  Tyers production Company .
  • Design and supervision on the installation of hydraulic system of metal melting furneses in steel production company
  • Re-Install the heaviy hydraulic presses in the Refractory company.
  • Design and install the pneumatic system of  the car "s Battery  Production machine. 
  • Design the main hydraulic cylinders of  Aladhem Dam.


2- Head of Information Technology & computers  Department in  Saad's Company

3- Deputy Dean of college of Eng. (Administrative affairs)  (2006-2011)

4- Head of continuing Education center (2013-2014)

5- Head and member of different kind of committees within the college and university.




Acadmic Record (1997-2015)


- Lecturer for both Undergraduate and post graduate studies (B.Sc, M.Sc, Ph.D)

- Hydraulic Machinery (B.Sc)

- Advance Hydraulic system (M.Sc & Ph.D) course

- Technical English Language (M.Sc & Ph.D) course (2012-2015)  

- A Lecturer for computer software and its application (Programming Languages, Basic,Fortran, Pascal, VB)

-  A lecturer for Artificial Intelligence (Expert system)

-  Supervising of a large Number of M.Sc  students in Mech. Eng.  

- Member of many examination committees for Ph.D and M.Sc. postgraduate students.

- Member of Scientific conferences in the College of Engineering

- Present different kind of seminars (E. government, Technology incubator ..etc)






  1. (participant)
  • 1994       Hydraulic System Maintenance Course – Ministry of Industry
  • 1996      Air compressor  Maintenance course – University of Technology
  • 1998       Internet Application Course - General Company for Communication
  • 1999       Management and operation of computer network course - Al-khuarzmi General Co.
  • 2000       Computer Software course - Iraqi Engineers Union
  • 2009       Administration development course in  Turkey April 2009  
  • 2009       MultiMedia University (MTCP)   Malysia  May 2009
  • 2011        Technology Incubator , USA , 2011
  • 2012        ABET,SAR workshop ,by University of Missouri, USA, Erbil.


  1. (Lecturer)
  • Engineering contracts
  •  Project Management for Junior Engineer
  •  Database System (Anlysis & Design)
  • Hydraulic control System
  •  Hydraulic circuit Design
  • Human Recourses Strategy






 1-   Director of Thurya computer and Internet Center (Private sector)

 2-   Design different kind of Database system

 - Administration Database System

 - Students Database System

 - Engineering consulting Bureau Database

 - Administration of  Engineering Contract


  1. Web site design and supervise

  4- Computer Skills:MS office,Database Sys.Photoshop, Primavera




Rsereach & Studies


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