RGC Missions & Goals



The vision of College of Remote Sensing and Geophysics is to build a scientific department in a modern style, where the curriculums and the solid scientific staff are available. The College seeks to be a pioneer in creating  a University environment that will meet the aspirations of its students, enhance their activities and upraise the level of their thinking scientifically, knowledgably and ethically. The College strategy is to adopt and develop the performance standards in order to measure the scientific and practical level of the students through the achievements of the international standards of the Universities in all developed programs, and graduating a distinctive  generation capable of accomplishing its tasks, and interactive with scientific developments that happening all over the world. Moreover, the College aspires to enhance the communication and participation in all academic fields and raise the proportion of collaboration with other colleges and Universities locally and internationally.





The College offers its graduates valuable skills and information that will enable them to provide the best service for their country and to face the challenges that might occur in the field of remote sensing, sensing techniques and geophysics science.






1- Putting curriculums and research plans that will achieve the vision of the College and working on developing it so that the graduate will contribute actively in the sustainability process and the development of the country.

2- Preparing a specialized staffs who are experts in the field of remote sensing techniques and geographical information systems and the basics of geophysics science and its wide applications.

3- Seeking to obtain the international Accreditation certificate for education quality.

4- Seeking to reach to a prestigious position among international Universities and Colleges.

5- The college seeks to be a pioneer through concentrating on the required specializations and skills for the graduates.

6- To connect the bachelor's and post graduates programs in quantity and quality with the requirements and the needs of the Iraqi labor market in a way that will increase the competition spirit among the students in the research programs.

7- Collaborating with the educational intuitions and research centers and civil community organizations on the local and international level.

8- The college aspires to be a pioneer in terms of the best investment of its resources and potentials by doubling the spending on the scientific and applied researches projects with the adoption of the development projects in the manufacturing field and provide other Colleges and Universities with scientific experts.

9- In order to achieve the above mentioned objectives, the College has to earn the trust of the society and its institutions and to move to a new level of active contribution in the exerted efforts to protect the environment and its sustainability locally and globally.


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