Remote Sensing Department

About the Department


Due to the fast development in all technical and technological specializations and in order to follow science and contemporary studies like remote sensing, images analyses and designing the geographical information etc.., the administration of Al-Karkh university attempted to establish a department which is specialized in remote sensing and considered as second of a kind in all Iraqi universities as a proof of contemporary and scientific following.

This department will help those who have a real interest in remote sensing and its massive applications to have a real opportunity to obtain an academic certificate in this domain through the suggesting academic study to the department as an important scientific field.



The vision of the department 


The remote sensing department in Al-karkh university of science aims at developing knowledge , talents , leadership and understanding the changes which happen on earth and helping to solve the massive resources and environmental challenges which force the development of our country now and in the coming decades .



The department responsibilities 


1-  Spread knowledge basically about earth and its treasures and the changes which happen to it.

2- Train students, leaders of the future and educate the crowd about earth and environmental sciences.

3- Accumulate, analize and apply the scientific and engineering knowledge to the community problems like the sustainable use of energy, food and water.

4- Identify and lessen the risks which come after natural disasters.



The department goals


1- Enabling students on the skills and techniques of remote sensing field and geographical informations systems as well as using and applying advanced, modern technologies during their academic study to develop and progress the country in different domains.

2- Elevate the scientific research level which will open new spaces to students' researches in this science domain and its applications.

3- The consultants and technical services to all private and governmental sides to improve the production and efficiency of our country and as a result to improve people way of living.

5- Open the horizon of scientific activities like conferences, workshops and seminars.

6- Paying attention to scientific and administrative committees according to the different needs of the university.    


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