Brief introduction

Given the essential role of natural science and the importance of the contemporary studying regarding the topics of (remote sensing, image analysis, geographic information systems and geophysics that deals with studying the underground and its characteristics) on human life, and keeping pace with the technological developments in the field of information technology and natural science in the advanced countries, and in response to the requests of the public and their interest in studying science related to remote sensing technology, GIS and geophysics science and in order to attract the students' interest to study these important scientific fields to meet the needs and requirements of the Iraqi labor market. From this point, College of Remote Sensing and Geophysics was established.

The College was established according to the University order () in … and included two departments


-department of Remote Sensing

-department of Geophysics 

And the academic year 2016-2017 is regarded as the first academic year in the College where more than 110 students were admitted and were distributed on both departments according to the student's interest and average.  


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