Geophysics Department

About the Department 


The initiative of establishing a new department for the applied geophysics in the Al-Karkh University of Science was undertaken due to the desperate need of the governmental departments and institutions which offer the services and implement the projects for the society in collaboration with specialists and experts in the field of the applied geophysics and due to the rich resources in our country has. Since then, the department started working on the scientific discussions during seminars that shed light on sciences.  These seminars were held by coordination with officials and expert in the governmental institutions and they are still active and given much more attention. 



The Vision 


The department works on providing scientific, educational, and also salubrious atmosphere that attract the outstanding students who are interested in investigating surfaces beneath earth, making plans and programs to acquire the scientific skills and values that enable them to be successful individuals in their lives and workplaces and have the ability to take responsibility and take the logical, sound decisions by applying their specializations for the benefit of the country. The department pays an assiduous attention to have promising graduates who think critically and creatively and who will be able to excel in investigation for the benefit of the society. 



The Message  


The message of the department is to raise the level of the work of the geophysical investigation throughout the academic research and the fieldwork which all aim at developing the personal skills of the graduate students. Additionally, the department works on directing the students to be intellectually developed and aware of the progress across the globe keeping pace with it by the scientific and academic background of the student as well as by the fieldwork and the practical application. 





 The objective of the department is to have well-prepared graduates having experiences in the academic fields which contribute in developing the geophysical investigation. The department also aims at preparing skilled groups having the ability to implement investigational projects in the fields of oil, metals, archelogy, environment, constructions, and water resources. 



The most important goals of the department: 


1-Providing the students the geophysical information related to the surface beneath earth and the ways of handling them.

2- Developing the skills of the students in the geophysical programs and mathematics and computer applications.

3- Qualifying the students to reach the level of the geophysical investigator and making him/her more confident to make them take logical and sensible decision in the investigation.

4-Working on having a staff with thorough knowledge, vitality, and specific specializations that enable it to raise the level of the information and skills for qualifying it for the investigational work. 



The most important ministries and institutions where the graduates of the geophysics can work and offer their experiences: 


1- Ministry of Oil/ Oil Investigation Company

2- Ministry of Oil/ Department of Reservoirs and Oil Development Fields

3- The Ministry of Industry/ Mining and Geophysical Survey Company.

4- The Ministry of Construction and Housing/ The National Center for Construction Laboratories

5- The Ministry of Tourism and Archeology/ General Board for Archeology and Heritage

6- The Ministry of Transportation / Weather Forecasts and Seismic Monitoring

7- The Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research / various universities in the country.

8- Ministry of Water Resources / General Board of Water Resources

9- Ministry of Water Resources / General Board of Dams



Admission More than 50 students were accepted for the academic year 2016-2017.



Start of the Study and Graduation


The study began in the department and the students were accepted for the academic year 2016 - 2017 after they submitted their documents in the college registration department. The graduation of the first batch needs to be in the academic year 2019-2020   

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