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Congratulations / creation of postgraduate studies specializing in earth sciences / remote sensing

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Updated   09/02/2022 7:11 PM

The deanship of the College of remote sensing and geophysics at Al-karkh university of science congratulates and congratulates all teaching, administrative and technical staff‎

‎our dear students and all graduates on the occasion of the introduction of postgraduate/master's degrees in remote sensitivity for the academic year 2022-2023‎

‎on this occasion, we can only thank the ministry of higher education and scientific research and the presidency of the university of al-karkh for the sciences represented by mr. president dr. thamer abdul amir hassan al-kadhimi, who is respected for their unlimited cooperation in overcoming all obstacles and issuing approvals for the development of postgraduate studies.‎

‎in addition to all those who supported us and contributed with us with efforts, consultations or prayers to achieve this scientific progress. on this blessed occasion, we ask allah almighty to pay and reconcile in the service of our beloved iraq and our dear university, and from god success and success.‎

‎dean of the faculty of remote allergy and geophysics‎

‎prof. dr. kamal mohammed abboud ‎


‎media and public relations ‎

‎College of remote sensing and geophysics‎


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