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The College’s Educational Guidance Committee meets with the students of the Allergy Department

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Updated   09/02/2022 6:03 AM



























The Dean of the College of Remote sensing and Geophysics, Prof. Dr. Kamal Muhammad Aboud, met with the students of the Department of Remote Sensitization, accompanied by Dr. Nada Farouk Muhammad, the head of the educational guidance committees at the university, and the Educational Guidance and Psychological Evaluation Committee in our college represented by Dr. Hind Ibrahim Abdel Ghafour.

The Dean discussed a number of topics related to the lecture programs and the academic schedule, stressing the times of lectures for practical, attendance materials and their commitment to preventive measures in light of the pandemic.

I also listen to the opinions and propositions of the students and some of the obstacles that they may encounter during their work and to discuss solutions and treatments to overcome them.

The Dean praised the active role of the student representatives in the success of the educational process in the college and urged them to educate students towards preserving the college property and its cleanliness.


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