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A Professor at Al-karkh university of science participates in Salman interreligious conference

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Updated   26/04/2017 10:34 AM

 The assistant lecturer in Al-Karkh University of science, Raad Mahmood Dahi gave a lecture at Salman interreligious conference. The lecture was entitled “ ISIS is the mother of Mossad .. a study on the origins and  historical roots of this movement “.

  The lecture included a detailed study on the terrorist organizations and included two axes . the first axis explained  the historical roots of atonement which included Judaism , Christianity and the deviant thought in Islam , the second axis dealt with the definition of the term “ Promised Land “ , and the relationship of ISIS with the Jews and some Arab countries.

  The lecture aims at introducing the characteristics of normal and abnormal behavior, and the origins of these movements and their curricula.

  The most important recommendations of this lecture included changing the educational curricula that carry hostility to others in Iraq or other countries, encouraging  the spirit of tolerance through the establishment of seminars and conferences in society and institutions, eliminating corruption in the state institutions because it weakens the spirit of citizenship and develops discontent and indifference that leads to create terrorist and criminal cells, and focusing on the role of preachers in mosques and keeping away from sectarian and racist speeches.


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