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An Outdoor lecture

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Updated   24/04/2017 12:57 PM

The college of remote sensing and geophysics arranged a lecture in the outdoor at the university. It was held on the banks of Tigris river. The top of the lecture about the economic resources and energy resources in Iraq.

The dean of the college, the teaching staff, and the students attended the lecture. The lecture was presented by the vice dean for the administrative affairs Dr. Furat Atta Saleh. The lecture included a comprehensive view of the energy recourses specifically oil and gas because they are considered the largest resources in the Iraqi economy.

Dr. Furat focused on the largest part of the Iraqi reserves which are centered in South of Iraq in Basra governorate in particular. There are fifteen productive oil fields in the governorate . Five oil fields still need more development and productivity.

The oil and gas fields currently are largely found in the provinces of Basra and Kirkuk, followed by the provinces of Maysan, Baghdad, Salahuddin, Diyala and Nineveh as well as the undiscovered and undeveloped fields which are found in most of the provinces of Iraq except four ones which are in Qadisiyah, Babil, Anbar and Dohuk.

The lecture also presented how oil and gas are generated and the factors that help in its  formation such as plants and the remains of aquatic animals in the seas and oceans.

The lecture aims to get out of the traditional system of closed hall to the lecture system in the open places to enable the students get engaged in constructive dialogue, as well as being acquainted with  the most important sources of energy and places in Iraq.




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