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College of Remote Sensing and Geophysics opens collaboration's horizons with Haliberton Company for...

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Updated   24/04/2017 9:37 AM

 College of Remote Sensing and Geophysics, Al-Karkh University of science examined ways to open horizons of mutual, technical and scientific collaboration with Haliberton limited company for international energy services.

  The agreement included equipping the University labs with devices and modern programs specialized in discovering and looking for oil, and training students on using these programs and devices and initiate them in training courses in working sites. Mr. Ahmad Mouaiad ,the manager of one of the company branches , said during a lecture to show the action plan that the major goal of this collaboration is to serve society and help students to adapt with working environment and to deal professionally and craftily with these devices and modern applications used in extracting  oil.

  For his part, Dr. Ahmad Askar Najaf, head of Geophysics department, confirmed that the University plan aims at pushing students in actual training courses to provide them with enough experiences to work in companies and institutions specialized in this field.





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