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college of remote sensing and geophysics organizes a seminar on the occasion of the international day of...

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Updated   18/04/2017 2:56 PM

  The college of remote sensing and geophysics in Al-Karkh University of science organized a seminar on the occasion of the international day of social justice to discuss the mechanism of activating this justice in educational and academic community.

  The seminar included two lectures , the first one was delivered by Dr. Lateef A.Aleethawi during which he explained the paragraphs of the international law in regard of social justice, and the ways to implement those paragraphs practically , while the second lecture, which was delivered by Dr. Ali Jassim , discussed how to apply this social justice in education , which dealt with social justice standards in providing equal opportunities among individuals , and to provide requirements which will achieve equality among the members of society.

  The seminar also dealt with the reasons behind the phenomenon of inequality aggravation in Arab communities, especially in the field of education and the study of UNESCO statistics in this regard.

  The seminar came out with many recommendations such as the necessity to achieve the equality principle in primary and secondary education because it is the fundamental basis to develop the student and to take serious steps in regard to elimination the phenomenon of tutor and the increasing of private sector teaching because it hinders the achievements of social justice among students.






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